Thursday, 3 March 2016

5 Ways Certified Translation Services Can Help You To File a Patent Application

A patent document contains a set of exceptional rights, which has been granted by the head of the state to either the inventor or the assigned person, for a period of time in exchange for the detailed public announcement of the invention. An invention, along with being either a product or process, is also a solution to any particular technical problem. If you want to file for a patent application, you have to give a brief description of your invention along with the official correspondence and forms relating to the application.

5 Ways Certified Translation Services Can Help You To File a Patent Application

The GCC patent office in the Middle-East, provides a consolidated system in order to obtain patent protection in all the six states of GCC, that include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. This not only brings cost reduction benefits but also provides a patent term for a longer period of time. This document has to be filed in both the Arabic as well as the English language. If you are looking for more information on how to apply for a patent application, do take help from the Arabic Patent Documentation Translation Services.

If you are staying in the Middle East but are still not aware of the Arabic language, you can make use of the Documents Translation Services. In order to obtain a permit of a patent, either natural or legal, you must file an application at the patent office. Although a patent application consists of several parts, but it is very important because it becomes a substructure for your patent.


This is the formal request for a patent where you ask for a patent, list the names of the applicant and investor, name the title of your patent, and identify the agent of your patent, if available. You can also provide a statement of a legal representative along with the petition form. Along with doing all this, you can submit a signed small entity declaration; if you think that you are eligible for the small entity fee.


The abstract is known to be a short technical summary about your invention, providing the details on what your invention is, how it was made and also a statement about how it needs to be implemented.
Numerous articles and books have been written and printed regarding the details about how to file for a patent application. If you are an outsider, and are unfamiliar with the Arabic language, you can get in touch with the best quality Language Translator Services. You can even get hold of the Arabic Patent Documentation Translation Services, if you are interested in researching the details about the patent applications.


Describing your invention along with filing for a claim is also a part of your patent application. Start the description with detailed information about the background of your invention. The goal here is to describe your invention clearly and in detail so that the people skilled in your field can properly understand your invention, just from reading the details and the drawings that you have posted along.


The claims that you make in the patent application, designs a legal foundation just to protect your patent. You have to aim to make all the claims that are necessary to protect your invention. Some of your claims will cover only specific features of your invention while the other claims will cover the rest of the general features.


Including drawings with your application will illustrate your invention in an appropriate way. This makes your patent much easier to understand, so, make your drawings in a way that is easy to read and label it well for it to be presentable. 

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