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Why Baby Birth Registration is so Important ?

A birth certificate is the only document that confirms the birth of the baby. This document includes the child’s full name, the sex of the child, date and place of the birth along with the time when the baby was born. You will have to register the birth of the baby within 3 months of his birth. Although registration is a legal requirement for everyone, but you still have to submit a copy of his birth certificate in order to enroll him in school, when applying for a passport and many other purposes.

Why Baby Birth Registration is so Important?
In the Middle-East, after the delivery of the baby, the hospital authorities issue a birth certificate in the Arabic language. People, who are not citizens here, have to apply for the birth certificate both in Arabic as well as in English. This certificate later, has to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of health. The procedure for registering the baby is the same as in any other country. Those who don’t have knowledge about this topic can get in touch with the Arabic Birth Certificates Translation Services.

If you are an outsider and are not aware of the Arabic language, you can take help from the Documents Translation Services. There are certain rules and regulations about registering the birth of your child. Some of them are mentioned below.
You have to register the birth of your baby at any Registrar of birth, death or marriage certificates office, no matter where the baby was born. If you’re not a citizen of this country and don’t know the ways around here, the hospital authorities can provide you information about where exactly you can go to register your baby’s birth. The registration should take place not further than 3 month from the date of birth.
At first, the hospital staff will give you a Birth Notification Form, which you need to fill out and sign. This form outlines all the information that has to be mentioned in the birth register and the parents will have to check and see if all the information is accurate. This form will then, be forwarded to the Registrar’s office informing them about the birth of the baby.
While living in the Middle-East, there are numerous people who cannot read and understand the Arabic language. What they can do is, take advantage of the Best Language Translator Services. You can also make use of the Arabic Birth Certificates Translation Services, if you want to know the details about how to register the birth of your baby.
  •      The registration of the birth comes into effect, based on the information provided on the Birth Notification Form, where one of the parents finally signs the birth register. He also needs to bring along with him any photo identification, such as a driver’s license or a copy of his passport and also his contact details of both where he is working and also his personal contact numbers.
  •      If the parents have been married here in the Middle-East, only one of the parents needs to sign the birth register, but it totally depends on them so both of them can also go to sign the register. But if they have been married in another country, an original marriage certificate will be required, in that language along with the translated version in the Arabic language, to be submitted.

The birth certificate contains all the information of the baby and the parents given at the time of registration. That is why, it is very important that the information has to be accurate. It will be very difficult to change the details once the initial registration has been completed. If you belong to another country and want to know how to register the births here in the Middle East, then hire the Arabic Birth Certificates Quality Translation Services

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