Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mars Translation – The Power of Words in Your Hands

Mars Translation is a language service provider that is growing with every passing day. As one of the fastest growing companies, we have made sure that our translators are up to date and have enough experience to provide you high quality, accurate and localized translations. Mar Translation’s team consists of more than 5000 native speakers who have prior experience in providing quality services to our clients all over the world.

Mars Translation

At Mars Translation, we offer services in 120+ languages and 17 industries. Mars Translation keeps its clients at top priority and this is the reason why Mars Translation has more than 3000 language combinations. What you want is what you get at Mars Translation.

While keeping the current market trends and business individual needs in mind, Mars Translation offers a combination six services that can be applied and used in many industries and niche markets. The main aim of these services is to provide high quality, accurate and localized translations that will benefit your business and your current goals. Whether you need Mars translation services for marketing or advertising or you need them for your interoffice communication, Mars Translation has a service for you.

Mars Translation provides the following services to its international clients:

Website Localization

Translation Services

At Mars Translation, we provide translation services for your every need. Our professionally trained and experienced linguists have proper education in their respective languages. They have complete command over their respective languages. Each of our translators is an expert in an industry and can easily translate 200 words in an hour and 2000 words in a day.Mars Translation makes sure that our services are business focused, meaning that our services will benefit your business all the time.

Whether you need legal document translation or basic academic document translation, our state of the art submission system will make sure that your translated material reaches you in time. Every project has a team lead who makes sure that the translated material is according to your needs and meets the standard you require.

Interpretation Services

Mars Translation has a wide team of experienced interpreters who provide this service in a multitude of languages. Our interpreters are trained professionals who have years of experience in this field. As all of our interpreters are natives, this leaves very little room for mistakes and allows you to converse with your target market without any hindrance. Our interpreters have the charm and the talent to localize your words and engage the audience for a better impact.

Mars Translation provides the following interpretation services:

Escort Interpretation Service
Consecutive Interpretation Service
Simultaneous Interpretation Service
Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Service

Website Localization

Websites are a necessity for any business. In this economy, there is no way any business can survive without having a website to back it up. Every industry needs a platform where their clients can feel comfortable and feel like home. Website localization allows the businesses to become a part of the community and become a brand in their target region.

With Mars Translation, you can make sure that your clients are satisfied with your services. Mars Translation can optimize your content, have it translated by a native and make sure that you and your clients are satisfied with our services.

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